We are a specialist fire suppression system company based in Essex, UK. We specialise in the design, supply, install, commission, service, repair and maintain fire suppression systems of all types. We install fire suppressant systems within all types of businesses and commercial premises such as; Restaurant, KFC’s, Hospitals, Server rooms and more.  We are distributors of DSPA, Amerex Fire International Ltd, Janus Fire Systems and various other specialised types of fire suppression systems. 

Fire suppression systems may be a requirement to comply with your insurance policy and also for your own piece of mind. Automatic and manual fire suppression systems can provide protection to your equipment and to your business. If a fire occurs within your commercial kitchen or any other application then this will be automatically suppressed and you will be ready almost immediately to be back up and running.

If a fire suppression system is not fitted and a fire occurs within your premises then the added downtime will affect your business and operation negatively. Fire suppression systems save businesses and they save lives. 

Check your insurance to see if a fire suppression system is required. 

We offer a range of pre-engineered automatic fire extinguishing systems.

We also design, supply, maintain and install the following systems:
– Kitchen Fire Suppression.

– Server systems.
– Storage Room fire systems. 

– I.T Room Fire safety system.
– DSPA or FM200 can be used to protect vital IT equipment.

– Computer Room Fire safety systems.
– DSPA or FM200 systems these can be used to provide protection for computer rooms and systems.

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