Keeping vehicles on the road is a priority for most companies. Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems can protect your vehicles from catching fire, engine damage, off road time and higher insurance costs.

Road vehicles fire suppression; vehicle-1[1]
Vans, trucks, cars.

Heavy good vehicle fire suppression such as;
lorries, trucks.

Construction vehicle fire suppression such as;
JCB, digging, tunnelling equipment.

Public transport vehicle fire suppression systems such as;
busses, trains, trams.

Vintage / prestigious vehicle fire suppression systems;
sports cars, historical planes, trams.

Vehicle dry powder fire suppression systems are activated automatically or manually using electronic or thermal heat signals, they operate within a large temperature range, these units are not pressured and they are harmless to humans, animals and environment. Dry powder vehicle fire suppression systems are installed into a range of varying vehicle applications. No pipe work is required for the units which allows for a simple and economical installation.

DSPA is a revolutionary fire extinguishing technology that:
Is activated electronically, thermally or manually is non-corrosive and non-conductive functions in a large temperature range is not stored under pressure requires no water keeps oxygen levels intact is harmless to humans and animals is environmentally friendly.

DSPA has been installed in a wide range of vehicles used in construction and transportation with no requirement for pipe work. The units are easily and economically installed. Include;

•Road Vehicles
•Heavy good vehicles
•Earth moving vehicles
•Tunnelling machines
•Fork lifts
•Landfill machines
•Battery and Gas powered vehicles

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